Microsoft CRM Programmer and field construction

What is the character limit for a single line text field in Microsoft Dynamics 365


A. Microsoft CRM Programmer can use 1000 characters

B. Microsoft CRM Programmers can use 4000 characters

C. Microsoft CRM Programming can use 6000 characters

D. Microsoft CRM Program can use 5000 characters


Discussion:  Microsoft CRM Programmer


can add and edit the options. More information: Default status and status reason values Whole Number Integers with a value between negative 2 billion and positive two billion can be in this field A system field that has options that provide additional detail about the Status field. Each option is associated with one of the available Status options.  You can restrict the maximum or minimum values in this range. This field has format options None, Duration, Time Zone, and Language that change depending on how the field is presented. More information: Whole number format options



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