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Enhance your Dynamics CRM with the latest integration tools.  These tools have new features that will help your Company design and deliver awesome marketing campaigns.  Imagine a system that automates lead hand-off to ensure that no opportunity is missed. Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants can also develop a management and email templates to ensure the sales department will always have an up-to-date profile of your prospect and clients with up-to-the minute analytics to achieve maximum results.

A complete integration of the Dynamics 365 application will make your data flow without reentry or data loss.  Our consultants are experienced in taking stand-alone systems and integrating them into the CRM.   We are looking for 100% integration.  With a security structure that is 100% compliant with your Company needs.

Upgrade your MS CRM to incorporate the full tool box of enhancements.  Your entire Marketing Mix needs the features that Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you - including some new powerful contact management and campaign management capabilities.  Maximize the efficiency of your entire online and offline marketing strategy. 

To upgrade from older versions of CRM including 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advisors will optimize your system.  Imagine a cloud that provides the functionality that does not require a IT department and or hardware consultants.   That is what our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants can get you.   The main idea is to develop a unified system process that provides a functionality to all users giving visibility into the performance of your sales department or service units.

The cloud technology is will provide access for remote locations and provides a consistent interface for all the users around the world to see.  The drill down to access information is required and needed quickly.  It is the latest interface that is user friendly and easy to manage. 

Increase the value of every part of the Customer Life cycle. As the leader in, Customer Relationship Management,  MS-CRM  encapsulates  the importance of integrated sales and marketing. Let Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advisors create a closed-loop marketing automation application, to empower you to centrally manage multi-channel campaigns.   Use MS CRM to manage leads and customers.  Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants are very concerned with your security for both the online platform and the mobile devices.  Each platform needs to be protected and we can do that.  We will develop an intranet portal for CRM reporting and access to all CRM activities.   We will review the solutions for better tracking.  Our mobile consultants can help synchronize meetings, task, phone call and texts.


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