What is the character limit for a single line text field in Microsoft Dynamics 365

A. Microsoft CRM Programmer can use 1000 characters

B. Microsoft CRM Programmers can use 4000 characters

C. Microsoft CRM Programming can use 6000 characters

D. Microsoft CRM Program can use...

What governor limit or system limitation is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer most likely violating?

A. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developments need to have future method cannot be called from a batch method.

B.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers have reached maximum tr...

A Microsoft Dynamics expert wants to publish an app that uses the full functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 app designer. What 2 components in the app designer allows the Microsoft Dynamics consultant to accomplish this task?

A. Microsoft CRM consultant can use...

July 6, 2018

Which statement is true regarding  an SQL consultant's  use of user input as part of a dynamic SQL query?
A.  SQL Consulting recommend the string should be URL encoded by the input form to prevent errors.
B.  SQL consultants use the String.format () method should...

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrator plans to entity mapping to replicate data from a text field between two related entities.

For which scenario can you replicate data?

A. Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrator can target field is already mapped to a different source field...

What will a Microsoft Dynamics 365 programmer get with the following code block ?

integer x = 1;
integer y = 0;

while(x < 10){y++;}

What is the output :

A.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 programmer will get an Error
B. Microsoft Dynamics 365 programmers will get 0
C. Micr...

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer is researching the type of license subscription he needs to purchase. In which 2 instances would a User Subscription License be appropriate?

A.  A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer finds a company workstation in the marketing departmen...

A Microsoft Dynamic CRM consultant plans to make a field for an Account entity to get data in a standard format.  When a user creates a new record for the Account, the choices are often changed or outdated.  The choices must be  display when creating a new record and u...

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrator needs to turn on auditing for the contact entity.  What are the 2 steps to perform this.

A. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrator enable auditing for user access.

B. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrators should use start auditing

C. Microsoft...

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 programmer is responsible for supporting the mobile devices. The service group recently began using Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Some users want to know if they need to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Phones Express to get to the the Microsoft Dyn...

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